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“The time is now at hand to become positive and conscious agents of the next stages of evolution, thereby fostering a future
in which the vast diversity of life shall flourish too.”
(Thomas Berry)
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What is Reiki?

There are times we feel drained of energy, stressed out, on overload or come face to face with a spiritual, physical or emotional crisis. If, in moments like that, we take the time to sit by the ocean, watch a sunrise or sunset, walk through the woods, work in our garden or sit quietly in meditation, something changes within us. 

We become connected to our own inner resources. We are brought back to balance, brought to a state of relaxation where the body’s self-healing mechanism can be engaged. It seems like we are absorbing what we need from the universe and it brings us to a healing place. Much like a sponge, when immersed in water, absorbs all that it can hold at that moment. 

Many people describe their experience of Reiki in similar ways. It seems to open them up to something that is already there. It helps them contemplate the role of Mystery in their healing – having a sense of coming home to their inner core of wellness. The Reiki practitioner offers a connection to the healing pulsations of the Universe and allows the recipient to respond to that connection and draw whatever he/she needs for their healing.

What is the System of Reiki?

Mikao Usui [1865-1926], the Founder of the System of Reiki, had a deep spiritual practice which led him to the realization that there is a spiritual healing energy in the Universe which is available to all creation. Everyone has access to it. And he went about teaching his students how to let go of those things [fears, worries, anger, etc.] which only serve as an obstacle to embracing this reality. Although he made adjustments to his teachings to accommodate the student in front of him, the goal was always the same. That goal was to help them become aware of this unconditional, loving, compassionate, healing force in the Universe, which when experienced can be transformative.

So the System of Reiki was another way to connect to this “common experience” often written about by the Mystics in all the religious traditions throughout the centuries. The System of Reiki was a way developed by Mikao Usui, drawing upon the spiritual traditions and culture of his day, to help his students connect to this Loving Force in the Universe. 

We may ask, if it is so available, why do we need a teacher? Good question. In our present world of dazzling technology and scientific achievement, it is easy to lose our connection to the spiritual. So a good teacher will awaken within us what is already there. Will help us remove those things which prevent us from seeing what we already have. And once we are awakened, we can use that gift for ourselves and for others.

December 2018 Newsletter

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Why the name
Evolutionary Reiki?

Over the last 20 years I have studied with seven different Reiki Masters in five different lineages. So my understanding and practice of Reiki has evolved. I am committed to sharing the wisdom of my teachers so that others can begin or expand their own evolutionary Reiki journey.

Also, the new cosmology speaks of the "Big Bang" which happened 14.5 billion years ago, that led to the creation of our Universe and Planet Earth. We are all an integral part of this evolutionary process and need to work together to care for each other, as well as all plant and animal life. One way to do this is through the healing practice of Reiki. 



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