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“The time is now at hand to become positive and conscious agents of the next stages of evolution, thereby fostering a future
in which the vast diversity of life shall flourish too.”
(Thomas Berry)
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Reiki Treatments for You and Your Pet


My ultimate goal in offering a treatment to you, is to give you an experience of Reiki so that you may not only be conscious of its benefits, but also might become aware of its value for your own self-care. This is something you can learn and practice for your self.

During a session, I offer you Reiki as if I am shining a light on you, and you take what you need for your greatest benefit at that moment in time. You are in charge. You can be open to receive or be closed, willing to open your self up to the process or not. You can be skeptical but still receive benefit from the session. It is a non-invasive spiritual healing practice where hands are placed lightly on or slightly off the clothed body, using a variety of hand positions, while you are sitting in a chair or laying on a massage table.

Some common experiences are:
• you may feel heat, vibration, or tingling sensations at different times during the session
• relief from stress, sometimes leading to quite profound relaxation.
• the reduction of physical pain or discomfort
• inner peace and calm
• a shift in mood or attitude

If you feel drawn to it, just do it. Don’t let your “voices” talk you out of it. You can stop a treatment whenever you wish. You are always in control.


Animals are very energetically sensitive, they understand what Reiki is when it is offered to them. They are generally open to it and often guide the practitioner to their area of greatest need. If you invite me to offer Reiki to your pet, my hope would be that by witnessing the benefits of this practice for your pet, you would be open to learning this for yourself, so that you could make a difference for the animals who cross your path each day.

The animal is going to determine the wheres, hows, and whens of the treatment, and in doing so will become the leader in his/her own healing process. For an optimum treatment, I will cease conversation during the session, but you are welcome to stay and be with me in this meditative space and observe, and we can talk afterwards. I may treat your pet from a distance or with my hands on the body, depending on what your pet is most comfortable with that day. Either way, the treatment will be equally effective.

If your animal is open to the treatment that day, Reiki will go to the source of the problem, whether we know what it is or not, so we can trust that the issues most needing healing will be addressed.

• For animals who are healthy, it will help them maintain their health, as Reiki enhances relaxation and provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment.
• For animals who are ill, Reiki is a wonderful healing method as well as a complement to Western Medicine and other healing modalities.
• For animals who are dying, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety and ease their transition.

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